Monday, 6 July 2015

Taking time to smell the flowers!

Sometimes life is stressful...
Sometimes it all seems too much.
Sometimes I don't know how to fit it all in. Recently I've been juggling with a new full-time job, teenagers fretting about GCSEs and A Levels and Life, teenagers acting up, a house to keep on top of, neglected relatives and friends, a tired, stressed husband, broken toilets, too much month at the end of the money...
Sometimes the list of things keeping me awake seems endless.

Making lists, planning, vowing to be more organised, trying to chivvy the rest of the family into doing their bit will only get me so far.

Sometimes I just need to 'be'.
To be mindful. To be aware and enjoy the scents and the sounds and the sights of Outside.
To find time to sit in the sun. To literally smell the flowers. To breeeeeeaaaaaaathe!

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Spring haul from the plot.
It's been a busy old time for me, since I last posted.

A new full-time job makes it hard to find time, let alone head-space, to sit and write.
 Any spare time has been devoted to keeping on top of the plot - both allotment and in life generally!

But the sun has returned and with it, some of my energy and enthusiasm.
Broad beans, garlic, onions, spinach, parsnips and peas are poking shoots through the earth. I have an eager clutch of tomato plants and sweetcorn seedlings waiting to planted out.

 Rhubarb's red spears are crying out to be harvested.  We're using up the last of the leeks and curly kale and my purple-sprouting broccoli is just coming into season.

I've also been enjoying some hedgerow cookery; my perennial early spring favourite -  nettle soup - has been made and consumed, and as I type this, a curry of nettle, goosegrass and wild garlic-mustard, chickpea and sweet potato is simmering, filling the house full of spice and making me feel ridiculously hungry.

I'm also looking at recipes using these delicious weeds as spinach-substitute in spinakopita.
There is surely little more satisfying than turning 'pesty' plants into produce!

And tomorrow, I'm looking forward to the luxury of spending a good few hours, pootling and pottering in the sunshine on my beloved plot.
The pond area comes into its own in Sring